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Quality Control

Etonm Motor understands the Quality is the base of its living and growth. Quality has always been put onto the most important position in its proceedings. Among the whole proceeding, we have applied the following major inspections: Incoming Materials Inspection(IPQC), The first inspection and Routing inspection, 100% on-site Inspection, and outgoing Inspection.



Incoming Materials Control:

For all the materials we received from our suppliers, we apply the inspections like: Appearance, Dimension, hardness, roughness, strength, etc. Good inspections of materials we will ensure the final finished products to be in good reliability and consistency.


Process Control:







Out-going Inspection:

We also do a certain percentage of Out-going Inspection before the goods leave factory.Aslo We Design good Inner and Outer Packing to ensure the package not damaged during shipping and affect the goods.