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Sales Network

Etonm main product is Mirco DC motor and Gearbox motor, and some customized Electronic control parts. The sales are all over the world, and most of the products are exported.


Our Main products range:

Diameter: 8mm~50mm
Voltage: 1.0V~230VDC(most of them under 24VDC)               
Speed Range: 1rpm-14000rpm            


Our Main Market and its Rate:    
North America: 38.4%  
Europe: 30.3%
South America: 9.1%&
South Africa: 5.2%
Asia Except GD: 5.2%
Guangdong of CN: 6.3%
Others: 4.9%

Our Main Applications:

Safe Locking system

Electric Curtain

Electric Valve/Meter and Actuators
Bank Equipments
Vending Machines

Coffee Machines
Sanitary Dispensers
House-hold Electronics and Office Automation
Automotive Parts
Traffic and Packing System
Health and Beautify Cares: Massagers
Pet Care Device
Medical Equipments and Apparatus
Library Management Automation
Farm and Animal Care and Feeding Device
Agricultural Equipments
Electric Windows and Door; Electric Curtains
Garden Automation
Gaming and Amusement Equipments