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        Classification and Characteristics of Common Gear Motor

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        The gearmotor is mainly used to reduce the speed and increase the torque to meet the work requirements. There are many types of gearmotors, and their classification can be divided according to the type of gear and the shape of the gear and the number of stages of transmission. According to the type of transmission to time, can be divided into gear motor, worm gear motor and planetary gear motor. According to the shape of the gear can be divided into cylindrical gear motor, bevel gear motor and cone - cylindrical gear motor. When the series according to the drive to time, can be divided into single-stage gear motor and multi-stage gear motor.
        Gears and worms constitute a planetary gear motor, and this gear motor has a standard series of products, in the selection only when the product can not find the right, only to design and manufacture gear motor.Common characteristics of the gear motor Description: gear motor is widely used, simple structure, easy to ensure accuracy, and teeth can be made straight teeth, helical teeth and herringbone and so on. Worm gear motor compact structure, transmission ratio, work smoothly, the noise is small, but the efficiency is relatively low. Worm-gear motor has gear transmission in high-speed and worm drive in high-speed two forms, the former compact structure, the latter's high transmission efficiency.
        The planetary gears of the planetary gears have effectively utilized the power shunt and the coaxiality of the input and output, as well as the reasonable use of the internal meshing, so compared with the conventional fixed gear transmission, the planetary gear motor has the advantages of small quality, small volume, Transmission ratio, large carrying capacity and smooth transmission and transmission efficiency advantages. Planetary gears have been used in the fields of household appliances, office supplies, beauty, health care, security facilities, transportation and communications, travel and hotels, equipment and automobiles, etc.

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