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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and answers:


1. What is DC Motor?
  *Answer: Dc Motor is a device used to transfer Electrical Energy into Mechanical Energy. Here is a structure.
2. What is Gear Motor:
  *Answer: Gear motor is a DC Motor mounted with a Gearbox(also called gearhead). The gearbox is used to reduce the motor speed while increase the motor's torque.
3. What is gear ratio?
  *Answer: the gearbox is used to reduce the motor speed, so it is used a small gear to drive a larger gear in each Gear-Reduction Stage, so there is a reducing ratio, it is each stage ratios multiplied together. Here is a picture to show:
4. Can the motor run in CW(clockwise) and CCW(counter-clockwise)?
  *Answer: Yes, all of our Brushed DC and Gear Motor can be used in both CW and CCW. For Brushless motor, if you have this requirements, please let us know in advance, we will draw an extral lead for this function.
5. Does Etonm Motor make Helical Gear?
  *Answer: Yes, for some special purpose, we will make the gear to be Helical. But helical cannot be used in all conditions, for example if you use the motor in both direction it is not good. Also you have special requirements on output shaft control, then it is not suitable.
6. If I donot know how much torque I need, how can I figure it out?
  *Answer: there is a simple way to figure it out. You just need to send us the rough torque range, and the dimension limitation, then we will offer a type for you and make a few samples to test. During the testing, we can offer a simple method to check it out.
7. How to reduce the motor noise?
  *Answer: this is a constantly and usually asked question. Etonm has 9 years experience with the noise control experience, we have many ways to handle different noises, like different gear materials and production technics, grease and DC Motor control. If you like to know more, please contact us directly([email protected]).
8. Can Etonm customize the motor?
  *Answer: yes, most of motor supplied to current customers are customized, like customized voltage, speed, torque, current and noise; customized dimensions, like shaft, motor body; extral cable&connector, worm, gear support, etc.
9. Can I get samples for testing before ordering?
  *Answer: when you need samples for testing, please contact us directly, we will answer your inquiry no later than 24hours.